I first travelled overseas in 1999, leaving home three days after my 50th birthday. I kept a hand-written diary and sent a lot of postcards!                                                                         Then came emails to different individuals, followed by a single detailed “Dear Everyone” email.                                                                                                                                                       Blogs took over from the emails and those not really interested in detailed travel stories no longer had their in-boxes cluttered with such trivia.
The first blog was born in 2008. One blog became three as I ran out of free space (because I’ve been lucky enough to go on more “see a bit of the world” adventures) and as I’ve experimented with different ways of adding information.

To those who enjoy the results and tell me so, Thank You.

MY TRIPS on this blog …
The Grand Plan 2008
The 10 Cities Tour 2011

MY LAST OVERSEAS TRIP is recorded at …                   http://lasthurrah2014.blogspot.com.au/                                                                                            Last Hurrah Tour 2014

MY PREVIOUS TRIPS recorded in handwritten travel diaries …
Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK 1999
The UK, Russia by road and sea from London, Amsterdam & Paris, Malta & Tunisia 2000
Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, the UK 2003
North Island, New Zealand 2006

MY AUSTRALIAN TRAVELS are recorded at …                       http://lsl2008.blogspot.com.au/
Central Australia – 2012, May
The Kimberley – 2012, August, September
Central West NSW – 2012-13, December, January
Hobart – 2013, February
Cairns & Atherton Tablelands – 2013, May
Adelaide – 2014, February
Brisbane & Townsville – 2015, September
The Flinders Ranges & north-west Victoria – 2016, September

Boom gates on Shetland … the road crosses the airport runway!

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