We apologise for the interruption …..

All was going exceptionally well in my Last Hurrah tour at the point of my last post …… just not enough hours in the day to be having such a brilliant time, plus the occasional internet access and computer issues. I decided it would be best to get back to writing and photos once I got home.

So I got home in the middle of October, and had to immediately organise all the financial, pension, etc side of my retirement.
Then I got sick.
Very sick.
You know all those DVT warnings that you ignore when you get on a plane?

Do whatever it takes to avoid DVT.

Do whatever it takes to avoid DVT.

I was in hospital for 10 days, totally flattened. To give themselves something to do, the doctors found other things wrong with me. Now, thankfully and miraculously, I’m back on track to getting on with retirement. But it has taken quite a while.

Just for the record, there are a whole list of symptoms for DVT. Until I couldn’t actually breathe (the clot in my calf broke up and lodged as “lots” of smaller clots in my lungs), I only had one symptom, a slight ache in my leg. That was it.
If in doubt, go to your doctor sooner rather than later.

I’m a bit of a bore about DVT prevention these days, so for now I’d better get back to my much more enjoyable travel tales  🙂

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