Sleeping around Canada

Another mixed bag.

– In Quebec it was an Auberge, rather like a guest house, you couldn’t call it a BnB as it didn’t do breakfast.Not necessarily a bad thing not to provide breakfast but combine that with a room that made it awkward to move when my bags were open and $5 per day for poor wi-fi then no, try elsewhere.
– Montreal was a hotel in the Latin Quarter, gay district around the corner and down the street, university at the doorstep. No breakfast here either but there were so many eateries up and down the street it didn’t matter. The buzz of the neighbourhood didn’t penetrate my room even though it faced the street. A fun place to stay.
– Ottawa was more of a motel than hotel and at the city edge where lots of construction was going on. Again I got a street-front room but soundproof it was not as the jackhammers started across the road at an hour too soon to get up for tourist attractions. Convenient though – I could walk to everything, didn’t use public transport at all in Ottawa.
– Toronto was my last airBnB stay. As
previously mentioned, it was great! Snap it up if it’s available when you visit this city.
– And lastly, Vancouver. Oh dear, I threw a mini tantrum. As a solo female traveller you get ‘fitted in’ after the couples and groups have been catered for, be it room allocation in hotels or table alloction in the dining car on the train. I’ve long since got to the “no second chance” stage with cafes and restaurants at home. If I get a lousy table when better ones are available I leave, not bothering to ask for one that isn’t in a dark corner or by the toilet door.
So, Vancouver – yet again a street-front room. Not only that, the opposite side of the room was three steps from the lift (elevator in US/Canada speak!) with all the attendant noise of hotel guests arriving and departing at all hours at top voice, plus luggage wheels rumbling in and out. You can’t expect the quiet of a mountain top in the middle of the city but there are better and worse rooms and I’d sure done more than my share of the worse. Thankfully my room was changed after the first night. Maybe in future I should book into hotels as a couple because it doesn’t cost any more!!

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