Last stop, Vancouver

I had a day and a half left to look around the Vancouver city area. And ring! First for a wedding on Saturday then service ringing on the Sunday, after which I had lunch with Alan and some of the ringers. Farewell and thank you!

For fun there was Granville Island and another market. Perhaps it was a good thing that I overdosed on bread products for breakfast right at the beginning – apple focaccia. Yummy, yum-oh!!! At least it saved me from worse (fudge, chocolate, pastries) – because I probably wouldn’t have bought all the healthy fruit! There’s a kids market, best avoided if you have children in tow – you wouldn’t escape without spending a pretty penny! This market is different from the others in that it has a bigger craft component and in the area there is theatre as well. Being at the waters edge adds another dimension, from tiny learning-to-sail craft to the docking personal cabin cruiser bigger than any home I’ve ever been in! And lastly there was the street performer – juggler/comedian/escape artist. He attracted and, the hard part, held a sizable crowd, including me which takes some doing. He was clever and funny. Mind you, you hope a lot of the jokes go over the heads of children!!

Stanley Park has a hop-on, hop-off bus that I took, hopping off only once, at Prospect Point Lookout. From there I saw two cruise ships sailing under the Lions Gate Bridge as they were leaving port. Both looked magnificent but one had pop music blaring. If ever I take an Alaska cruise it won’t be on a ‘Princess’!! The park would be a great place to walk about if you had the time and inclination, it being a natural area that has been preserved, rather than planted, but with the addition of some touristy things and memorials but nothing too outlandish.

I loved the public library. It looks like the Colosseum! In the ‘arches’ around its perimeter are small shops that a library patron might want to visit. I had a CappaChillo(!) at Blenz.

At the end of the day, Gastown is pretty with its fancy street lights. I enjoyed walking through there – but not beyond “here” as I was instructed by one and all as beyond that point was the not-so-nice end of town. I had the last evening meal of my trip at 131 Water another serendipitous find, the place where I’d hoped to get a beef & Guinness pie only having stools at the bar left (I am so beyond that!) and the spaghetti place having a 25 minute wait. As unexciting as it sounds, the pasta was delicious and the waitress a delight.

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