I was sailing along …..

I always try and do something on water if I can. I find it so peaceful and relaxing, and refreshing if I can be on deck with the wind in my hair.
In nine of the cities of The 10 Cities Tour I was able to do this. Washington DC was the exception.

The commuter ferries in …
San Francisco – Sausalito to the ferry Building Boston – a very quick ‘one stop to the next’
New York – the Staten Island ferry – do locals use it, there were so many tourists?!
Quebec – across the river to Levis and back again without getting off
Toronto – to Center Island for a quick walk around but the real purpose being a fabulous view of the city sky line
Vancouver – a scenic crossing to Vancouver Island, passing several smaller islands on the way and yes, the locals do use it!

Then there were the tourist sailings ….
San Francisco Bay – under the bridge and around Alcatraz
Chicago – the excellent architecture cruise
New York – out to the Statue of Liberty and back
Montreal – seeing more of the gritty docks than anything but the view of Habitat67, an unusual housing development, was a saving grace
Ottawa – the river and canal

Yet I have to say, a cruising holiday holds no appeal at all!

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