Sleeping around the US

When you’re a budget traveller there’s no uniformity about where you stay and you see neighbourhoods well off the Hilton track. But you can stay in the city too. Trip Advisor, Expedia and airBnB were my friends.

Quiet in spite of city-centre location – San Francisco, the hotel that needs a fresh coat of paint and new carpets. In spite of that, I’d stay there again for the convenience.
The Mexican neighbourhood –
Chicago. So far so good. But … by the train lines – the local trains you didn’t hear. However I wasn’t expecting the “loud” freight trains in the wee small hours. And there was no warning at all about the bus yard across the road that started up at 5am or thereabouts. The “free wi-fi” came by tapping into a local hospital. Do they mean to allow that?! No, wouldn’t go back there again.
The horse farm – yes, it really was. Suited the
out-of-Boston-proper wedding festivities. Beautiful, beautiful location that needed the dreaded hire car. When I chose the smallest (cheapest!) room – I got it! Would stay there again but pay for a bit more space.
The fairly new hotel in the light industrial area –
Queens. Not quite close enough to Manhattan to warrant a Hilton when this area’s star rises, as it surely will. But certainly close enough for most people. Already there are three other newish budget hotels in the area. I’d give one of them a go next time (if there ever is one!) because the one I chose had hopeless sound-proofing around the doors. And you’d choose one close to Queensbridge rather than Queensborough Plaza station – escalator and lift at the former, 80+ stairs at the latter!
The pick of the bunch – the “basement apartment” in the Edwardian townhouse in
Washington DC. Spacious, quiet, close to Union Station … and access on site to a washing machine and dryer!

You can’t expect the Hilton if you don’t pay Hilton prices. The upside is, you certainly don’t get a hotel room that looks like every other hotel room. It’s a chance my budget and I prefer to take.

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