DC day three

On my last full day in the US I made up for my sluggish start in Washington – with the aid of three taxis, a pedicab, a train …. and a solid workout for Shanks Pony!

I started at the Eastern Market. I can only say that at home we are blessed with the incomparable Victoria Market, and the flea market section in DC is no rival to the flea market at Camberwell junction each Sunday.

Next it was a veritable smorgasbord of museums and galleries, a good few under the Smithsonian unbrella. The Air and Space Museum, which was something of a ‘ho-hum everyone goes there’ afterthought, was the pick of them!

En route, because there were no Metro stations handy at that point, I saw the White House both back (complete with veggie patch) and front. Without having the fervour of Americans, I have to say it was good to see, and lucky too because I’d satisfied myself that the distant glimpse from the hop-on, hop-off bus was sufficient.

Then another Catholic end to another day, this time at St Matthew’s Cathedral from where JFK was buried. It took me back in time to the days when I had a bit to do with Dominicans – a Dom who had been ordained the previous day was saying his Mass of Thanksgiving. They ‘went Protestant’ and sang ‘all’ the verses of the hymns and had a Bach postlude! It was good.

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