Touristy – and not so touristy – New York

Your first visit to New York. What do you have to do?

Arrive at Grand Central Station. Sadly not from Boston – the less than exciting Penn for that particular train.
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Tick.
Ride the Staten Island ferry. Tick.
Visit the Statue of Liberty. The view from a cruise boat was enough for me.
Walk the High Line. Tick. It will be even better when the next section opens. Lots of gardeners hard at work.
Visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Tick.
Include the Cathedral of St John the Divine in your church crawl. It’s big! But the external side walls are hard to see, which is just as well as they are simply walls, not fitting for a cathedral, more for a warehouse. Why?
Stroll through Greenwich Village and Bleecker Street. Tick.
Visit the New York Publick Library. Tick. Celebrating its centenary.
Visit the World Trade Center Memorial Site. No, not for me. The shrine that St Paul’s Chapel has become was more than enough.
Lots, lots more. Tick, tick, tick!
Get ripped off by an ATM. Tick. Sigh. Short-changed $20 by Bank of America. It’s never happened before, at home or in Europe or the UK.

The not-so-touristy thing … for me, it was ringing bells again after almost three years. I was made most welcome at Trinity Church, Wall Street. Yes, “that” Wall Street. Surprisingly, it was like riding a bicycle. And it felt good. Remembering methods was another matter. We won’t go into that! As I came down the tower afterwards, the choir had started practising. I stayed and listened for quite some time. Glorious music.

NYC – great place to visit ……

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