New York. Wow!

Well, not exactly. Due to low cloud and mist there was no WOW moment on arriving in New York City. More like: New York – Where? And so it remained until my last day, when I was too wretched on account of a head cold to appreciate it. On the other hand, the weather wasn’t cold, nor too wet to stop me doing anything. The only thing I might have done was go to Top of The Rock but when I asked how long the wait, I was told no wait because no view! No big deal because I’d already been up the Empire State Building.

Up the Empire State I had not so much a “wow” as “I don’t believe this” moment. My feet were killing me so after waiting ages in the convoluted queue system, when I got to the ticket booth I was prepared to spend an extra $24 to “upgrade to express access” – best $24 spent. You really did walk to the head of each queue point (there are quite a few) and others were told to stand back and make way – for moi! I also forked out to go to the 102nd storey (observation deck is at 86). Level 86 is quite sufficient, you really don’t see further from up at 102. I could only see the city because of mist, but that was fine.

At 102 though was “that moment”. It’s quite a cramped space and I nearly fell over a bloke down on his knees. I wondered what on earth he was doing. Then it dawned on me – the proposal! I saw him put the ring on and heard her say “What took you so long?”!!!

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