Driving on the wrong side of the road


There must be something about the wrong side of the road, Avis, and me.

In Sicily three years ago I had an Avis car, that being the only choice in Siracusa. They weren’t too helpful with directions or maps.

In Boston I chose Avis because they guaranteed a GPS system whereas the with cheaper companies it was “first come, first served” and you might miss out. So who got the dud unit?! I had the verbal instructions and a screen of numbers to get from the airport to the bride and groom’s home. Fortunately I had excellent directions from the groom as well. And the other bit of luck – the toll booths. When I came off at wrong spots and got back on the I90 again, I got directions from people manning the toll booths!

The groom then set up the sat nav properly for me (I had told Avis I’d never used one before) and what a difference that made. Until the screen went blank. The unit wouldn’t hold any charge. The next bit of good luck was being a memorable (as well as beautiful) short drive back to the bride and groom’s place, where I then borrowed the groom’s sat nav for the rest of my stay – except for the return to the airport. It was great. Luckily I got a lift to some of the parties as well.

Not having that initial stress and anticipating the return to the airport driving by the seat of my pants, would have made the whole stay much better.

The actual driving was OK. I kept saying to myself, “Keep to the right of the line”! Only once was I dangerously on the wrong left side of the road – when I had passengers, one of whom had the good sense to call out!! The other thing that caused confusion … when you get onto a freeway you use the “Exit” ramp. Because you’re exiting a minor road. Doh! I guess it makes sense if that’s what you grew up with.

All in all, the hired Hyundai served its purpose … but I was glad to get rid of it! And glad too that I didn’t have to pay for the sat nav!!
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