Chicago again

The Art Institute of Chicago was a highlight. The collection covers centuries but memorable for me was coming face-to-face with two American icons: Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” and Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”. Three by René Magritte that I hadn’t seen before were fun too. At the opposite end of the spectrum was Navy Pier. The Smith Museum of Stained Glass is at the end of the pier but the rest is food, fun-fair and tourist tat. Apparently a new site for a children’s museum is under discussion, Navy Pier having been mentioned. I can’t help but think what a good idea as it’s currently a site with unfilled potential. In between those two was a gem of a find: Loyola University Museum of Art, based originally on the collection of Martin D’Arcy SJ, converter of the rich and famous … think Evelyn Waugh.

Last but not least, first impressions of Chicago ……
So many church spires – more churches than elsewhere? Or flat terrain allowing the spires to stand above the general roof-line?
Lilac in bloom, tulips everywhere.

Balconies – added to what in Melbourne would be called ‘warehouse conversions’ – so many of them. And on skyscraper apartment towers, with perilously little protection. I’d be scared to step outside for fear of the wind picking me up and dumping me down, a very long way down. Never mind the window cleaning!!!
Multi-racial Chicago, even more so than San Francisco.
Spanish heard at least as much as English.

And what would Chicago be without The Bean?!

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