The bad news and the notable exception

The Kindle seems to have carked it. That’s right, I am far from happy. I’ve had to buy a paperback!! Thanks to Laura for the suggestion: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Though I was halfway through Skippy Dies, which I haven’t been able to get in Chicago.

The other bad news I alluded to in the previous post – getting around Chicago. Deja vu really – just like home. There is a station attendant but they don’t sell tickets and they don’t give change for the machines that don’t give change and don’t sell the ticket you want anyway. I was spoiled in San Francisco. With a few exceptions, this is how “helpful” I have found Chicago to be. There seems to be a resistance here to saying “Sorry, I don’t know” – and we won’t go into the psychology of that! Thus, all my pleas for help have been answered, but too often with incorrect information.

The notable exception was the lovely young lady on the “Ask a Librarian” desk at the Harold Washington Public Library. She was so good I went back a second time, with equally pleasing results. That library has an awesome space called the WinterGarden – I spent a too short five minutes of blessed silence there.

[And the wifi where I’m staying is so dodgy I won’t mention it here!!]

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