On reflection ….

After such a fabulous holiday it’s been almost as busy settling back at home …. jetlag, Hilly and Dave coming and going, ringing a quarter, back to work, unpacking, washing …. ironing still waiting!!

I’ve been asked: What were the highlights? It comes back to many but one – the people. I have to say again that huge thanks go to so many people, mostly but not all ringers, for all they did to make sure I had a great time. People planned, organised, invited, travelled, participated, baked, bought drinks, drove, taught, helped, put themselves out ….. I could go on. I regret that lack of time meant I couldn’t accept all the invitations that came my way.

But if I must nominate highlights ….
Ringers and ringing
My first (only!) quarter peal in the Mother Country
Mosaics at the cathedral at Monreale on Sicily
Skara Brae on Orkney – that I was walking in homes where people lived 5,500 years ago
Aberdeen – an unexpected pleasure: the city itself plus a ringer making sure I got there without drama
The buzz of Rome
The Wigmore Hall and St Martin’s in the Fields concerts in London
Home cooked meals
Everything really!!!!

To all those who welcomed me I say: Let me return your kindness and hospitality … Come to Oz!

And lowlights??
Yes – a few ….. but it’s amazing how quickly you forget or it ceases to be important. I suppose I could say things to remember …..
Don’t rely on public transport in Sicily
A place you want to see will be closed for renovation
An artwork you want to see will be on loan to another continent
Siesta ….. everything closes
It takes a while to re-familiarise yourself with money, ticketing, etc
Missing the turns and the toilets near Hadrian’s Wall wasn’t a lot of fun either.
BUT the main thing to remember ….
while the people I’ve thanked above are people who I knew (mostly only via email) before I set off a stranger will always help you out in a sticky situation
Really …..
All is good.

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