Travelling home

The flying kangeroo got me safely from Heathrow to Tullamarine. Will I ever be able to fly Cattle Class again? All those years of buying everything I possibly can on my frequent flyer linked credit card paid off! Business Class was terrific. I knew there’d be extra leg and seat room but what I didn’t think of was the extra elbow room. Wonderful! And the extra food – too much extra food!
What else could you possibly need that warrants the cost of First Class?!

There was a 1.5 hour stopover in Hong Kong. I’d never stopped there before. What a confusing airport! It took a good chunk of stopover time simply to find the Club Lounge! Perhaps it was my imagination and scepticism about the Chinese Government since the handback from Britain but it seemed much more controlled than other airports.

Nothing controlled about Tullamarine though. Chaos! Four planes arrived at once and every single person had to go through baggage check. The queues meandered all over the place for miles. Finally …. through those magic doors …. the uncontrolled scrum! I had to phone Anne (who collected me) so I could find her!

Finally I was home – to find that Hilary had, if not kept the place sparkling in my absence, made sure it was that way when I walked through the front door. And my very own bed and very own pillows. Ooooh, it was so good ….. the perfect end to such a brilliant holiday. So much thanks to give to so many people, only a sprinkling of whom has been mentioned in the ramblings of this TravelBlog.

Next trip????
The dream is emerging!!!!
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