Racing around

The biggest chunk of my last day was spent in the Victoria and Albert Museum. My particular interests were stained glass, jewellery and glass. But because those rooms were far apart, I saw lots else besides as i went from room to room. And the visit did start with coffee and a meringue in the William Morris room of the cafe.

I had a quick look from the ground at Queen’s Tower at Imperial College. An impressive piece of architecture. I hope there’s a lift for the ringers!!

The a quick look at the Prince Albert Memorial in Hyde park – and my token park walk as I circled the massive glitzy monument 😉

Also the History of Gardening Museum. It’s about to close for a makeover … it needs something!!

A dash to Brick Lane to what turned out to be a disappointing bagel shop but a fascinating walk in the area; my nose poked into a couple more bookshops – no more purchases!; a bus ride across town; and then on to dinner with e-aunt at trip’s end.
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