Food glorious …..

Food is the more pleasant when a meal is shared.

After meeting as a four at the lunchtime ring at Bishopsgate last week, Laura from Boston led the way to a curry place near where she was staying – not that far from me either. Buffet – or all you can eat as it’s often referred to, taking up from how kids tend to describe it. It was vegetarian and scrumptious.

The next day, after the pub after the lunchtime ring at St Giles, PPB led Laura and me through the streets of Soho where the sandwiches and samosas were adequate but the three-nation discussion about how the North American Guild AGM could be organised was quite animated. When we finally vacated the place I said I wouldn’t mind having a walk through Burlington Arcade, which meant more street walking in the shopping district. The arcade is for rich people with not quite such ghastly taste as Murano and the Silver Vaults! After that, Laura had to head off. Unfortunately she missed the taxi ride to PPB’s club for coffee!

My last home-cooked meal was with Josh and Adrian, plus I met Adrian’s parents. Like me, they’re late travel starters and are on their first overseas trip. Both Josh and Adrian had very recently had good work news so the champagne was cracked open. I must get Adrian’s bolognese sauce recipe too! As well as the food, it was good to see J&A, having not seen them since their farewell party from Oz a couple of years ago.

And my farewell meal was in a Greek restaurant at the other end of my street with E-aunt. We talked even more than we ate! I’m going to miss her and the other English ringers too. Come to Oz!! I’ll try to get back but ……

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