12 days in one place – amazing!

Staying put in London for 12 days has been restful, in a manner of speaking – no packing and unpacking of bags ….. but busy all the time just the same!

I’m staying in a UCL student residence Astor College – a horror to those who demand the Hilton; heaven to those who have to stay in hostel dorms. My room is a good size, comfortable single bed, good size desk, fridge, hand basin with warm(!) and cold running water. The bathroom is shared, down the hall. Plenty of hot water for the shower and I’ve never had to go away and come back later because there was no shower or toilet vacant.

I think there are lots of facilities but I haven’t committed them to memory as I don’t need/want them. There are kitchens that you can use but I don’t. I’m either out or choose a salad ready meal – a huge variety of those compared to home and some of very good quality. The usual artery cloggers too of course but I avoid those. There’s a laundry but, showing my age and interests, I wish there were washing powder and coin machines rather than a condom dispenser!! There is a sign to the gym by the laundry … but that is definitely not me!!

And the location is great, just by the BT Tower. You can walk to just about anywhere in the main city area – but I don’t! The tube is a couple of minutes away, as is the bus. I tend to use the latter only when coming home though. Oyster cards work like a dream – a mystery why Melbourne has spent mega millions on reinventing the automated ticketing wheel … and not even succeeding!

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