Spending the tourist dollar – or pound — or Euro!

Getting more bang for your buck?
How about –
… £25 for the London Eye – express ticket and 30 mins of fantastic views
… €12 for Eiffel Tower – 40 minutes in the queue, great views but feeling ill getting to the second platform. I’d paid to go to the top but would have had another lengthy queue to get there and would have risked missing the train. I was relieved to have the excuse! then you had to queue to get down again.
… €10.20 for the Louvre including express ticket – I decided to limit myself to the paintings and spent nearly five hours enjoying every bit of it. The Mona Lisa, of course, but others famous and not so famous. The trick at the Louvre is not to limit yourself to the Mona Lisa wing. It’s the most famous so that’s where the crowds go. The other wings are very comfortable to visit.
… £8 for the Whitechapel Bell Foundry – 2 1/4 hours in the most fascinating of grimy places. Sitting amongst bells which had been poured the day before was one bell destined for Brisbane. Maybe I’ll get to ring it one day!
Free – the Wellcome Collection, a medical focus but enjoyable for the specialist and non-specialist alike. Spent more time there than I anticipated.

I’ll leave you to do the conversions and figure what is the best value for money!!
Oh, what the heck …. while the London Eye was good, it was a total rip-off!

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