Liverpool and The Lakes

I stayed at Southport because I couldn’t find anything I could afford in Liverpool. The local bus took 1 1/4 hours to get into Liverpool but I saw the scenery along the way and had more than enough time to get footsore walking around the city area. I visited the Walker Gallery, near Lime Street Station, where there was quite a collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings. Then downhill and “turn at the white building you can’t miss” – miss it I did! Building works everywhere, especailly a new development, Liverpool One, that had opened that week – without being complete but they had the deadline!

I visited both Cathedrals including going to the top of the tower at the Anglican cathedral – fantastic 360 degree views, including out to the stadium where the Paul McCartney concert was held the following night …. and also the reason for all cheap Liverpool accommodation being booked out! The Catholic cathedral reminded me very much of a church in the middle of Siracusa in Sicily. The Docks area is interesting for the architecture of the buildings there and the redevelopment of Albert Dock.

And my favourite …. Turning the place Over …. a cutaway section of a building that revolves. Google it or, better still, YouTube it.

I’d planned a second day in Liverpool but Southport took me by surprise so I spent time there instead. I’ve not been to Blackpool but it was like what I imagine a genteel Blackpool might be like. And the beach!!! There was a girl asking her father where the beach was. “This is the beach,” he replied. Well! …. walk 1 km to the end of the pier, look 1km beyond that …. and there is the water! sludge instead of sand, no sandcastle building there!

That was a very wet day and it remained so as I drove to the Lake District. It is as scenic as the advertising. I called at the tourist information centre where the weather was described as atmospheric …. code for low cloud, mist rain. yet later when the weather lifted I decided the description was entirely apt. I chose a day-long drive which included a couple of passes which were described as “steep’ exciting, with sheer drops”. After heading in that direction I decided I’d had excitement enough already on the wet, windy, narrow roads so headed for Wast Water. Another lucky turn of events. This is the deepest of the lakes (like I could tell!) with extremely steep scree walls on the opposite side to which you could drive. It was off the main tourist track …. at least as many walkers as drivers and for the first time ever I could see the point of walking – not that I’ll take it up!
Heading back to the Windermere B&B I watched paragliders hurling themselves off the hillsides. Something else I won’t do – my one parachute jump is enough, thank you.

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