Inverness and beyond

Inverness is not Aberdeen!! The river area is beautiful but the town itself not a lot to write home about. Although Inverness was my first ring since leaving home. This stopover happened to be on practice night where I was made most welcome. St Andrew’s Cathedral is the northernmost ring of bells apparently.
After a comfy night at the B&B I did less wandering around than I could have and instead went to the airport early. That did mean that I got a window seat on the easyJet flight to Luton. Not that there was anything but cloud except for take-off and landing – the smoothest landing I can ever remember, by the way!

What I did come across in Inverness was the most amazing secondhand bookshop/cafe – Leakey’s. It was in a former church, huge – and remarkably well organised for such an establishment. My friend Chris H could go in (with a sleeping bag) and not be seen for six months!!

I picked up the car at Luton – a Vauxhall Corsa, so quite a bit bigger than I was expecting. I would have been happy with the aluminium can Ka but this is certainly better, luggage wise. The dash up the MI, M6, M62 to Liverpool was Ok in itself. the stress was in getting the right turnoffs.

I got to St Nick’s, Pier head in time for a quick ring before the pub afterwards. It was good to meet Giles Blundell and John Fraser from the e-list plus experience the friendly welcome of local ringers. Then it was on to the B&B in Southport – I couldn’t find anything I could afford in Liverpool – booked out for a Paul McCartney concert tonight. It was a relief to get such a warm welcome from the B&B owners, especially as it was very late in B&B terms – 11.15pm.

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