In Transit

Why do I always have to get up so early when I move on?! Another very early start when I left Italy for England.

It was the day that, on paper, looked like being the worst, with plenty of potential for things to go wrong. But no …. it all went soooo smoothly!

I did get lost in Venice – again – on my way to the vaporetto but I was in plenty of time. Plenty of time too, then, for the bus to Treviso and the plane to Stansted.

It was the VIP welcome …. I haven’t “walked through the doors” before to see a sign with my name on it!! It was held by Fred, a ringer who originally gave me his phone number to contact him in case anything went wrong. But ,as it turned out, Fred met me, took me to lunch at a genuine English pub (one he goes to with ringers!), then took me to Luton via Hatfield Forest (a National Trust place – I’ll look it up when I get home) – a real green England welcome – and a traffic jam on one of the main roads. Fred had hoped also to stop off to show me some bluebells but I told him I knew he’d called out all his mates to show me what a traffic jam was like in the Mother Country 😉

Thanks to Fred I was in plenty of time at the airport and without a worry ….. the potential disaster/s didn’t eventuate.

A smooth flight and I was in Scotland – found my B&B in Aberdeen quite easily and so the day ended. But not before noting how clean it was – the contrast with smokers and their detritus in Italy really hit me.

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