Italy – a brief summary

A fabulous place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here

Sicily wasn’t one of my better ideas but Monreale was such a highlight of the whole Italian experience.

Florence my favourite of the places I’ve stayed – day or night it was a bright and entertaining city to wander about. Rome a buzz too but … and Venice: apart from the Canal, not really a night place … too many dark little alleys and too easy to get lost – although that’s OK in the daytime.

Tourists – worst in Venice, being the most expensive of the cities. The type who walk through a door and let it slam in your face as you follow; or if you hold the door for them they walk through as though some invisible person always holds doors for them. Rather like some of the people you meet in Maling Road really 😦

The Sicilians – with notable exceptions, worse than the French for helpfulness to foreigners.

The Italians – on the whole very friendly and helpful, encouraging when you try to use a few words of their language.

Overall: wonderful in spite of all the money I went through – glad I wasn’t keeping tabs!! …. but I’m ready to head to the UK tomorrow 🙂

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