Rain, Lightning, Thunder ….. Venice!!

I’d love to channel the rain here in Venice back to Oz! The color I’ve chosen to highlight venice is the colour of the water – and some of the narrower canals smell decidely rank!

A good train trip from Ravenna. While I had difficulties booking Rome to Siracusa from Oz, the trains, I have to say, run remarkably well in my limited experience, and second class is as good as first (I went 1st from Rome to Siracusa in case 2nd was the pits).

Accommodation …. The room here small, the bed double, the pillows rock-like, the bathroom medium size but good.

I was feeling a bit seedy when I left Ravenna… and got worse yesterday. There’s Dehli Belly and Bali Bug but nothing runs lyrically with Ravenna – but you no doubt get my drift! Thankfully feeling much better this morning.

Because I wasn’t feeling too flash I made a slow start and took yesterday in two bites. The first I went to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Mostly modern art is not to my taste but there were two by Magritte, an artist whom I do happen to like very much. So I’ve been to a Guggenheim, not that I’ll ever get to NYC or Bilbao.

Later in the afternoon I wandered across to the Rialto bridge. Not as attractive as the Ponte Vecchio although the design itself is more interesting – I think! There were still a few market stalls open and one selling cups of diced fruit was doing a roaring trade. Yum-o!!! the one thing that you miss out on when travelling on a shoestring is fresh fruit and vegetables.

I don’t think (can’t remember!) I’ve written much about the weather …. basically because it’s been ‘same old’ …. warm without being too hot although almost getting that far some days. But yesterday there was some rain and today … rain, thunder, lightning. It was quite something to have the bells and thunder going while the choir sang the Sanctus at Mass at Basilica San Marco.

It’s always good to get news from home – a big THANK YOU for keeping me in touch. Travelling alone can be isolating, especially when you don’t speak the language. For that reason I’m looking forward to flying to Engkand on Tuesday …. I’m going to be met at Stansted by a ringer from Ringing Chat – really looking forward to that!!

Not all news from home is good though – and I don’t want to be shielded from bad news. Thus it was that this morning I prayed especially for the family of my friend Kathryn. Her nephew died suddenly a few days ago from heart failure after a bad cold. The only sense you can make of that is for us to live every day to the full because we never know when it is our time to end the journey.

A sombre note to finish on … but looking forward – this afternoon – now! – if the boats are running, I’ll go to Murano or Burano.

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