Mosaic City

The best hotel room, the best bed …. here in Ravenna for two nights!
Free computer but out of the ark, although I can at least access Blogger …. but it’s minus its formatting tools so we’ll go without 😉 Correcting typos is problematic too :-/

I did the lot when it comes to mosaics and quite a bit of all the other major sights. This is a small place though so I could do it in a much more relaxed fashion – not that I’ve rushed through everything up to now.

It struck me last night, oh, not that I’m slow or anything!, why there are so many shoe shops in Italy. I looked at mine – my red ones that I love (that I even bought red polish for and cleaned up before I left) and the black ones that I bought the day before – and thought “How shabby!” Then … of course, it’s the cobblestones. As well as feet-killers they’re shoe killers. I gave shoes and feet a rest today. I looked decidedly un-glam in thongs – bright blue and white Crocs ones – but, boy, do my feet feel better for it!

Ravenna reminds me of a university town – more familiar to me through “Morse” than spending a lot of time in one! Bicycles almost as popular as motor bikes here. There are a few that are what would be thought of as normal in Oz. But here, at least half have no gears. A good few look the vintage of what I rode to school; some look even older. And some are my schooldays style but brand new – even to chain and skirt guards!! And old people ride bikes too. A vintage or two older than me I mean – sometimes with one or even two grandchildren aboard!!

As for the mosiacs: where gold was the order of the day at Monreale, here it is colour … as well as the floor mosaics in earth tones that I saw so much of in Tunisia. I got myself down to Classe to see the piece de resistance. On the local bus. Easy to get there. I was worried about getting back though …. waited and waited …. 50 minutes later the bus came. Thank goodness!!

I do wish I didn’t love books as objects, as I do. Nor like owning them. It would mean saving heaps of money by using a library …. and not spending about EUR55 on postage and packing to send some back home to Oz. I could have ditched them and paid only marginally more to buy new ones …. but it wouldn’t be the same. The RyanAir weight penalty would certainly have been less. But, provided the post is OK, I’ll still have the books I read plus not have to lug them about. Looking forward to buying more books in London when I’ll have the increased Qantas limit to make it easy 🙂

The Post Ofice experience was mixed. The siesta mentality (which I won’t be sorry to leave behind) carries through to the work ethic it seems. On the other hand, it made me think of a comment made by a couple of Australian women at the mega rip off internet place in Rome – they were about my age, visiting rellies in Italy. They were surprised that I’m travelling alone and commented that I must meet interesting people. The truth is, I don’t. In my age bracket, it is very much a paired-up world. But, when I need help and some people are being beastly, I do meet the most wonderfully kind and helpful people to more than cancel out the horrors. I’ll spare the gory details of Italy Post workers and only say that an Italy Post customer spent quite some time helping me in trying to get my books in the mail. She was a saint and there have been others like her. In the end, this is what I remember about the residents of a place.

And so the brief Ravenna visit comes to a close. Another early train tomorrow: to Venice via a change at Ferrara. I “must” stay awake so I don’t miss the change! Only that Ravenna was the end of the line I could have carried on to goodness knows where. I woke up with a start and was last off that particular train!!

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