And so to bed …..

I love my bed at home. It is so comfortable and snuggly.

In Rome the room was compact but perfectly adequate. It was so small though that the most convenient place to sit was the side of the bed. Consequently, instead of a dip in the middle there was a distinct slide to the floor. Almost fell out once when I turned over! Also, for some reason, this room was very bad for getting your handwashing dry.

In Siracusa, a much bigger room and two twin beds. I don’t know if they’re narrower than twin beds in Oz or if it’s that I haven’t slept in one for years … Anyway, the two were very close together and I pushed them right up – took away the “I’m going to fall out” feeling.

Agrigento – a double bed …. bliss! Or it would have been if there hadn’t been an extended family of voluble Italians in the other three rooms on the floor. They “communicated” with each other, between rooms, well into the night.
Did the earth move for you? I stepped onto the balcony – a view of countryside and sea between apartment buildings. But I could feel it moving! As I felt the room moving, and the ground moving whenever I stood still. Get me out of Agrigento!!!

Palermo … seemed to be student accommodation, not that it said so or was advertised as such. A pretty firm bed …. ‘firm’ (as all beds have been to one degree or other) being much firmer than at home. The smallest shower I have ever been in! Washing was achieved by water running over you: you could barely squeeze the cake of soap into your armpit; no way you could reach your feet, either bending down or lifting your foot up!

Firenze … anyone remember horse hair?! This bed is so hard it must be made of that!!! But I slept, with a brief wake-up to kill a teradactyl of a mosquito. The bathroom is weird – long and narrow: one after the other – big hand basin, small hand basin, bidet … up the step – toilet, shower. It’s like a plumbing supplies showroom!!

Away is great but there’s no place like ………

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